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February 16, 2021

Checking out on plastics - are the top UK supermarkets doing enough in the fight against plastic pollution

Whether it’s in the oceans or on the land, the scale of plastic pollution is increasingly impossible to ignore and there’s a rising tide of tide of public opinion wanting to see it tackled.

Christina Dixon, EIA Senior Ocean Campaigner, reflects on the findings of our recent survey of UK supermarkets and talks about what’s been achieved – and what more needs to be done.

February 1, 2021

Exposing the nexus of environmental crime – where the illegal wildlife and timber trades intersect

James Toone, a Senior Campaigner who works across our Wildlife and Forests projects, talks about how timber and wildlife crimes actually have much in common.
o tackle environmental criminals more effectively, it’s important to know how they operate and new EIA research has shown major crossovers between wildlife and forest crime.
Our campaigners have conducted a major review of the extensive data gathered in the field and via research to examine the relationship between the different crime streams, with their findings highlighted in the new report Double Impact: The nexus where wildlife and forest crime overlap.
January 29, 2021

Out of Africa - why West and Central Africa is a hotspot for ivory and pangolin trafficking

In the week that we released our new illegal wildlife trade report Out of Africa,

Senior Wildlife Campaigner Shruti Suresh and Senior Pangolin Campaigner Chris Hamley discuss its findings and what needs to be done to address the situation as a matter of urgency.

November 5, 2020

How wildlife criminals have adapted to work from home under pandemic lockdown

The global coronavirus pandemic has dramatically curtailed the way human society functions, impacting on just about every aspect of modern life – but some things never change and wildlife crime has continued throughout the crisis. 

Just as many of us have been compelled to work from home, so too have wildlife criminals and our latest research shows that many of them have adapted swiftly to changing circumstances to continue their deadly trade.


October 30, 2020

Why should you care about what’s going on with Vietnam’s timber sector?

New timber import regulations came into effect today (30 October) in Vietnam – which is currently implementing an agreement with the European Union to keep illicit timber out of its huge wood furniture industry.

This week, Forests Campaigner Thomas Chung talks about the long road to achieving legal timber and why it’s so important for both producer countries and the markets they serve.


(Left to right)
Paul Newman - Press and Communications Officer,
Thomas Chung - Forests Campaigner


July 2, 2020

Following the money – hitting the illegal wildlife trade where it hurts

The global illegal wildlife trade is worth billions every year, money which fuels further environmental crime, drives corruption and undermines sustainable development and conservation – but these huge profits are seldom targeted.

In this edition, Julian Newman, EIA’s Campaigns Director, talks with Press & Communications Officer Paul Newman about how it’s possible to track down the financial flows and how tackling money laundering can be a vital weapon in the fight against illegal wildlife trade by hitting major wildlife criminals where it hurts most – in their pockets.


(Left to right)
Paul Newman – Press and Communications Officer,
Julian Newman - Campaigns Director


June 23, 2020

Tipping the scales in our favour - the burning case for urgent action to tackle climate change

Our attention may be consumed by the coronavirus crisis, but the very real threat of climate change hasn’t gone anywhere. Although the world is fast approaching potentially irreversible climate change tipping points, swift action to tackle refrigerant greenhouse gases could go a long way to help.


(Left to right)
Paul Newman – Press and Communications Officer,
Fionnuala Walravens - Senior Climate Campaigner,
Tim Grabiel – Senior Lawyer.


June 4, 2020

Not-so-fantastic plastic - why the world needs a global treaty to end plastic pollution

Humans produce a staggering 275 million tonnes of plastic waste a year and very little of it is recycled – mostly, it ends up in the environment, polluting land and sea while having a terrible impact on our natural world. Could the solution be a new global treaty to join forces and fight it together?

Tim Grabiel, a Senior Lawyer working on EIA’s Climate and Ocean campaigns, talks with Press & Communications Officer Paul Newman to make the case for an international Convention on Plastic Pollution.

Tim-Grabiel  Paul Newman  


April 29, 2020

Is the coronavirus pandemic a warning to stop exploiting wildlife?

The coronavirus pandemic has plunged a third of the world’s population into lockdown and thrown a harsh spotlight on our dysfunctional and exploitative relationship with wildlife. Is it a warning to seriously mend our ways?

Aron White, an EIA Wildlife Campaigner and China Specialist, has already given the low-down to news outlets around the world – now you can listen to him first-hand in the latest EIA podcast with Press & Communications Officer Paul Newman.



April 23, 2020

Why is Indonesia abandoning its timber export regulations?

Twenty years ago, the chaos and violence in Indonesia’s forests spurred efforts to put an end to industrial-scale illegal logging and to keep stolen wood out of the country’s exports – but now the Government wants to significantly water down the rules, using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse.

In this podcast, Faith Doherty, EIA Forests Campaign Leader, and Mardi Minangsari, from Indonesian partner Kaoem Telapak and also an EIA Forests Campaigner, talk with Press & Communications Officer Paul Newman about why this is happening, the likely impacts and the outlook for Indonesia's rainforests.

Faith Doherty, Head of the Forests campaigns